30 Years Old Robot Project

Here is a project I let sit for way too many years:

Will be trying to update this a bit.
Plan to use multiple single board computers each responsible for a distinct area of functionality.

*Head: vision, speech, motion tracking
*Body: motion, obstacle detection
*Perhaps are functions too like a external communications, an arm, etc

Time to replace the VW Bug wiper motor.

Will use a geared motor for drive, and a high torque servo for steer:

Mounted head component:

Head Functionality:
*180 degrees of rotation
*Omni-directional tilt
*Light sensor
*Tilt sensor
*Motion sensor
*Text to Speech
*Remote command interface via web
*8-Ball responses to questions (via web interface)

Add Object detection (rotating sonar and IR), motor driver board, Edison, and motors:

Emergency stop: Kills power to all systems.

Added Azure integration:
- Azure to Raspberry PI-2 to control power to entire system.
- Azure to Intel Edison to control motion.
- Azure to Intel Edison to control head actions.

Web Interface for Motion and Head:
- Includes dynamic sonar graph plotting, misc statuses, and command input.

More soon...

Contact: admin@wall-experimental.com