Lab Jack U3-HV DAQ

I've been playing around recently with the LabJack U3-HV (a multi-function DAQ device); no specific goal in mind.

Using Java running Win7 to interface with U3's APIs.

Great device, easy to use and robust (no smoke has escaped yet).

The unit has:
  • Communication port: USB type B
  • (8) flexible I/O ports: configurable to digital I/O, analog inputs, timers, counters
  • (6) 5vdc terminals
  • (7) ground terminals
  • (2) analog outputs
  • Expansion connector DB15.

The unit is powered solely from USB connection.

Currently my setup has:
  • U3-HV DAQ unit with USB comm (LabJack)
  • Thermal probe (Model EI-1022)
  • Voltage driven LED, toggled
  • Switched input (open/closed circuit)
  • Counter push button counter with debounce circuit (required)
  • AC/DC control relay (for 120vac control)

AC/DC control relay by Digital Loggers, Inc shown here

Java example code provided from LabJack site.

My Java starter code reads/sets the component configuration shown. Code can be found at:

Next things to try:
  • Streaming read for real-time response.
  • Add set of relays.
  • Web Application with JSON data exchange.
  • Add a wiring diagram of components.
  • Timer
  • Read internal temp