Server hosting challenges (rant):

Attempted to get RAM added to my host environment ... how hard could this be it's a VPS.

Even though they would be adding more RAM to an existing environment they make you 'upgrade' to a new package. Ok, that's fine. I selected a package with more CPU and disk too.

The kicker is they wanted me to purchase CPanel again, as well as three other features clearly listed as included on the package web page. The addition expense was close to $500 worth of things I already purchased.

Not cool, but....

Lack of flexibility aside this is still a cheaper option than the new kids on the block; Azure and AWS.

Here is a break down of roughly equivalent cloud based servers:

My hosted VPS: $?/month
AWS: $?/month
Azure: $?/month

The older way ( hosted servers) is still the cheapest way but for how long?
the established hosting services operate at down to the bone margins.; they've had to, there are a lot of them out there trying to under cut their competitors. This won't be a case with AWS and Azure. They have money and could see server hosting as a lost leader. Prediction is both will start downing their price as their volumes increase.