Rasberry PI 2, Win10 IoT, and Azure

Post on continuing efforts with this project.


Description of Components:

  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Windows 10 IoT Core on Raz
  • Visual Studio Community Edition
  • Trying C# here for something different.

Challenges to Date:

  • More of a surprise than challenge but the Visual Studio Community edition is huge > 30GB. I've been moving to light weight IDEs so this was a surprise.
  • Deploying from VS to Raz Pi2 received request for PIN number which I could not satisfy. Pr0blem traced to version incompatibility between VS Update 1 and Win10-IoT 10.0.10240. Resolved by burning 10.0.10586 onto SD card. this resolved the problem.



  • Reading brightness, temperature, humidity.
  • Processing cloud-to-device messages
  • Controlling light state based on C2D messages
Contact: admin@wall-experimental.com