Site To-Do List

  • Setup a universal blog comments form.
    • Go with tomcat-struts2 application NodeJS
  • Improve Menu:
    • Add 'tags' to menu
    • Add application logos for color
    • Have a combination of static and 'navigation' links
  • Page-2, looks better than Page-1; may want to change that.
  • Add a bit about my networking lab
  • Google Script - the calendar to Task to Email script
  • IDE list and the purpose for each
  • USB control board video
  • How to make links in posts open into new window without resorting to html?
  • Add NodeDB to my AWS server
    • Will need to map to external port
  • The wall-e spotlight logo is not sizing properly for iPhone.
  • Add menu link to:
  • Add edison.local to menu